During the course of the project, a series of valuable resources will be developed to promote meaningful inclusion of Roma, Sinti, and Travellers. Downloadable materials can be found here.


A basic study on the role of sport in the inclusion strategies of Roma and Travelers and their real involvement in sport, taking into account gender and intersectional barriers.

Collaborative Review of local strategies for RST

A collaborative review of local strategies for Roma and Travelers (RST), with the aim of identifying best practices and areas for improvement.

Educational Toolkit

An educational kit with materials from the storytelling project, enriched with quizzes and games for children and students of schools, youth clubs and sports clubs, to increase the impact of the project.

Collaborative Policy Paper of national authorities

Un documento di politica collaborativa delle autorità nazionali per includere lo sport come strumento per promuovere l’inclusione di RST, con un focus specifico sugli impatti della pandemia. 

Campaign Toolkit

A campaign kit to help organizations and individuals promote the inclusion of RTD in sport.


Code of ConducT

A code of conduct promoting fair play, values ​​and rules for the inclusion of RTD in sport, developed by the Advisory Group for Sports Organizations and Local Authorities of the EU.