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The project aims to promote equality, inclusion and participation of Rom, Sinti and Travellers in and through sport, reinforcing positive narratives to counter anti-Gypsyism and increase inclusion strategies at local, national and European levels.

Our Goals:

  • Promote equal access to sport for Rom, Sinti and Travellers as a tool to prevent discrimination and improve equal opportunities and well-being by addressing specific barriers and multiple discrimination based on gender and ethnicity. 
  • Increase the capacity of the grassroots sport sector, social organisations and public authorities to promote inclusion through sport and increase the number of Roma Sinti Travellers (RSC).
  • Promote a positive narrative of inclusion success stories and practices through sport and in sport of RSC people to inspire others and counteract prejudices that fuel anti-Gypsyism.
  • Promote awareness of the role of sport as a tool for inclusion and its valorisation in the implementation of the EU strategic framework on equality, inclusion and participation at local, national and European level for RSC.